From: Dave Ely (banzai5150@home.com)
Date: 02/21/00

I was reading through about the buffers and was wondering what a normal buffer switch
was? Or if there is one?  The reason I ask, is that I looked at my stats and was kinda
wondering why mine were so high lately.   Here is what I got:

Current stats:
      1 players in game      1 connected
      9 registered
   1407 mobiles            573 prototypes
   1306 objects            683 prototypes
   1966 rooms               36 zones
      2 large bufs
    607 buf switches         0 overflows

and mind you, this was for 6 hours and with only 2 people playing at one time.

Does this seem like an overly large amount of buf switches to you?  And if so, how would
I go about finding why and fixing it?

Thanks again,
Eternally your Newbie

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