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Date: 02/22/00

I wish to thank everyone that has helped give advice, and am wondering one last thing
is there a list or a resource that I can go that when I preface a question with [NEWBIE]
that people understand that I am a newbie and thus that's why what is easy for YOU is
not necessarily easy for me to figure out.  I have noticed a trend lately where everyone is
so quick to point out that it's either in the FAQ, coudl have found the info if you did this
or that, when in fact they rather look down then help the person.  I do understand that
not everything can be handed to you, and you should exert an amount of effort before asking
for help, but I feel that everytime I ask for help, that I am either going to get: No Response, a
response using a scathing tone, or a response telling you just look Here.

To summ up my babbling rant, where can I go for people that actually remember what it's like
working on their first code base and willing to help learn.

Thank you,
Dave Ely

> I did some testing to see what increases the numbers.
> Found that "show zones" increases buf switches by 2
> (or 3 possibly).

All a buf switch is is when the MUD's write_to_output() function tries to
write something to a players out buffer that is too small to hold the entire
string to be written;  the buffer is switched from a small buffer
(char[1024]) to a large buffer (~char[12256 - MAX_PROMPT_LENGTH).  CircleMUD
uses the small buffer to conserve memory, but for larger outputs (zlist if
you have a lot of zones, etc), it needs to use something larger.  It's not
something you should be worrying about, as far as I can tell.

Just as a sidenote to this:  buf_overflows are when the large outbuffer is
already being used and there's still not enough space.  (ever get the
"**OVERFLOW**" message before?)

Note that all this information was very easily gathered from comm.c's
write_to_output() using the ever-useful 'grep'.

Jon A. Nielsen
Lazarus of Spear of Insanity MUD

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