Re: Compiling for win2000

From: George Greer (
Date: 02/23/00

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Alex wrote:

>> what compiler do i need to compile circle under win2k, (i would be
>> asuming that the nt procedure will work) and what "modifications" need
>> to be made to the source. or beter yet does any one have a web page
>> set up explaining how get circle to run under win2k
>The README.WIN file should still be fairly applicable to Win2000, and
>there is a webpage for Compiling CircleMUD on Windows (in general), and I
>would assume that trying those procedures would lead you in the correct
>direction.  You may as well also try the NT procedure, and then let us
>know what needs changing to ensure that it does work, and then those
>instructions can be included in the distribution.  To this point, I know
>of _no_ Win2000 CMs.  At least, nobody's mentioned any to me.  So, try it
>out, and see where things leave you.

I suppose we could also mention in there that Borland now gives their
compiler away free. (Not the IDE though.)

George Greer

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