[DG SCRIPT BUG] otransform and loading

From: Del (caminturn@earthlink.net)
Date: 02/24/00

Anyone run across this one a loading bug with otransform?

Make two objects, both identical except vnums.
Make trigger on first with a command trigger in room narg = 4
command pull
trigger commands as follows:

wait 2
if ("%arg%" == "hard")
   if %self.vnum% == <vnum 1>
    otransform <vnum 2>
    oecho Ouch Stop that.
    otransform <vnum 1>

replace vnums to your objects
then load first object
type pull hard
Object will transform.

Now, zedit a room to load first object max 1 per game.
and the object will not load.
The object is in limbo keeping object from loading my guess!

I tried to have it set so that the trigger will only go off once.
Then transform into another identical object.
Loading was dependant on another object, which if already loaded will
not load
another of the original object. Tried loading independantly which didnt
work either.

Can someone else test this?

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