[Circle] [Newbie] ..was Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE] Question about LordKaT's dual-wield patch.

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 10/01/00

> I feel rather stupid even being on this list seeing some of the messages
> being passed around.  I am clueless as to what it all means, I joined the
> list to try and get a simple, and now I feel rather stupid, problem fixed.
> I downloaded the circle stock code and unzipped, read the readme.cygwin and
> cant even get it to configure.  i keep getting the same errors and i dont
> know what to do.  im using the cygwin tools noted in the readme and following
> the steps exactly, but it wont configure.  so.... after you all get done
> laughing at me, maybe someone can be nice enough to help :P

        Rarely do people laugh at anyone, but often are people chided for
not providing enough information, or not working hard enough to solve
their problem.

        I'd say you've tried pretty hard, you just don't have the
experience yet that some others may have - don't worry it comes with
time.  That having been said, what are the errors that you're getting,
which version of circle, have you added any patches, etc.

        Maybe it's a simple problem, maybe it's not.  You need to post
more specific information so we can help you help yourself :)


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