Re: [QUESTION][NEWBIE?] Ascii vs. Binary player files?

From: Adam Scriven (
Date: 10/02/00

On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 10:53:49PM -0700, Peter Ajamian wrote:
> Adam Scriven wrote:
> > Actually, security isn't a real issue, at least not more than any other
> > system, since I'm on an ADSL link, on a home network, where I control
> > everything including the firewall.
> You'd be surprised

And rather unpleasantly at that!

> > Now, I must be blind, because I can't find an ascii-pfile patch for Linux
> > anywhere.  I see the one for Windows, but since it specifies windows, I
> > assumed it was the wrong one for me.

Ok, I need to clean my glasses.
even MORE embarassingly, I'd already READ the .README for that.

Thanks Peter!

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