Re: FTP site

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/02/00

> I'm trying to get my hands on the Oasis OLC 1.6 files, but for some
> reason i can't seem to connect to the /contrib folder in the ftp site,
> i thought this might have been a once of problem, but i've been trying
> for several days from different pc's, but no success.

        It gave me an error for a second too - something about the site
not existing.  Then, next try, it went right through.

        Downloaded and read some source code (which reminds me..see below)
so it seems to work.  Don't know why there was a momentary blip.

        About the locate object spell, that's _still_ broken?  Why don't
you just save the argument before you cast the spell?  Makes life easier
for a couple hundred reasons (spells like weather change too).

Lets look at

        Granted, that doesn't include the code to free the duped spell
args, but really - check upon extraction, and before duplication, and set
to null upon initial load.  pretty easy.


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