Re: [WINDOWS] Echoing with Windows98 Telnet clients?

From: Treker (
Date: 10/02/00

Windows telnet is barely RFC compliant.  I don't think Win95/98 standard
telnet clients even included some of the "optional" telnet flags / data sent
prior to establishing the text "Will I need local echo?"...

Win2000/ME  are much more RFC-compliant now that Microsoft realizes that
Windows users (a) must be able to interact with users of other OSes over the
Internet, and (b) the rules won't bend to their will...well, some of them...

This is only an educated guess, since the problem is universal on Windows
95/98 telnet.exe's that I've used, and when I made an RFC-compliant telnet
program for windows, the problem disappeared.

I think the saying goes "that's my two cents" (which is grammatically
incorrect, but that's besides the point) -- I could be wrong.


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> Hey again.
> I've noticed a wierd problem, but it is repeatable.  It seems
> that, when using
> a couple of different telnet clients in Windows 98, the mud
> doesn't seem to
> send the codes that Windows is looking for (These aren't the codes you're
> looking for).
> With both the built in telnet, with QVT/Net, and with another of the share
> ware ones, I think Net/Term, the mud wasn't displaying properly.
> Is this a problem with windows (it seems to work fine in an
> xterm! 8-) ), or
> is there something I should flip/switch in my mud to handle shitty telnet
> clients?
> Thanks!
> Adam
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