Re: [AD] Looking for a Coder

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/03/00

        If you really haven't found someone yet, you can give me a ring.
I'm currently mud-less right now for a few reasons;

        1. Had a clear view of what they wanted.  Didn't tell anyone what
that view was. Changed it every 3 weeks.  Expected everyone to work their
ass off to achieve said view.  Got upset when people didn't, got upset
when people did and caused unexpected situations (like balancing the mud
means changing damage on some weapons..)

        2. Had two modes; angry, and repetant about being angry.

        3. Took everything personally (caused reason 2).

If you never had those sorts of problems, I'd be happy to help out.
Elsewise, I'll wait for someone who does :)

Not that i'd want to scare anyone away, but reading the article at
isn't a bad thing.


On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Meagan Stevenson wrote:

> Lo,
>   Pretty much I have the problem of most people that love to build, can build,
> can do minimal coding. And pretty much anything else that needs to be done
> except take on head coder position. What I'm looking for is a dedicated coder
> who would like to take the time to putting time, work, and fun into a MUD. If
> this person I speak of is you feel free to email me and we'll see what we can
> do.
>    Meagan Stevenson
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