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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 10/04/00

Blaize Imperator wrote:
> I think my MUD is about to the level that it needs to be to go online.
> Right now, I run  it from my home computer, with a dial up connection.  This
> means I am connected for only about 2 hours a day.  Because of this, I wish
> to run my MUD on a server.  I really have no idea what a server is or how it
> works, could someone explain?

A server is a computer that someone owns (could be anyone) that is
always turned on and connected to the internet.  It provides resources
to the internet that allow people to do ceartain things.  Whenever you
connect to a web site, you are actually connecting to a web server that
dishes out all the files for that site, same thing with email (your
email is stored on a server somewhere until you retrieve it). In fact,
just about everything that is done on the internet requires a server
including your initial connection to your ISP (you dial into a dial-up
server).  MUDs are actually programs that run on a server that people
can connect to.

If you want to keep your MUD running 24/7 then you'll need to obtain an
account on a server somewhere.  What this means is that you will get
your own chunk of the resources available on that server where you can
store the files for your MUD, work on them, and of course, run the MUD

MudConnector has a very good list of servers which allow MUD hosting,
some offer more resources and cost more, some offer fewer resources and
cost less (and are good for a startup MUD), and a very few of them are
free.  The link to the list is

Regards, Peter

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