Re: newbie : Oasis OLC question

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/06/00

> hello folks, i'm kinda newbie in running my own mud and i need some
> help..i've installed OasisOLC2.0 in my mud and then patch it up.
> Everything were 'done'. I then rebooted the server and then try to redit
> but couldn't. Is there anything that i missed or i should do next?? I
> used OasisOLC2.0a to patch up. Is there any certain webpage around which
> shows me the step-by-step instructions? Thanks again folks...

        The patch probably did not install cleanly. You will have to
include the rest of the patch by yourself.   Depending on the code you
got, one actually overwrites existing files.

        In anycase, you'll probably find yourself needing to hand-patch
something, eventually.  Find out how under the wtfaq question of that
nature (

        This is a short example, but it shows what you need to know.

        A good indication that the patch did not go in cleanly is the
presence of .rej files in your src directory.  These files contain the
code which still must be inserted into your files.


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