[AD] Searching

From: Meagan Stevenson (mud@stevenson.ms)
Date: 10/06/00


A few days ago I began a search for a coder to start a pretty advanced
midevil mud. I am still looking, but I am considering a different approach. I
have been pretty much done every aspect of a mud. Coding, building, mortal
affairs etc. I've had my own mud, and worked on many others. I am looking for
somewhere to work on, be it building, coding, mortal affairs, questing.
Whatever, so email me if you would. Tell me what your looking for about, and
what the main theme is for your mud.

Thanks for your time,
Meagan S.

Email to: Meagan@Stevenson.MS
Webpage: http://www.Meagan.Stevenson.MS

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