Re: <NEWBIE> Error while 'make'

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/07/00

> I got this error while trying to make the files in /src 'implicit
> declaration of function' and it named both of my classes. What are the
> reasons for the error? Thanks.

        Please try to hit return after the 75'th or so column.  It's
vaugely annoying to read one very long string of text.

        Implicit declaration of function means that you have tried to use
a function before it was declared.  You must declare a function before it
is accessed.  Since the definintion of a function is also the function
declaration (in situations where the function has not yet been accessed)
you can usually skirt around this by simply sorting the physical order the
functions appear in the code.

        It's usually easier just to include prototype declarations though.
That's those things you see in the header files that correspond to named
functions (not macros,typedefs or other const-type data declarations).

        If you don't, I believe the standard definintion of a function is
used, which may be compiler dependant, but usuall is something like int
function_name(void) .... which it almost never is.


P.S. Yes, you still don't have the exact information required to
circumvent your error.  You now have more than enough knowledge though, to
figure out how to learn how to fix it yourself :)

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