Re: circle30bpl17 and oasisolc2.0

From: Del (
Date: 10/09/00 and both have a few versions
that contain circle bpl17 and oasis 2.x. I also put up a patch for oasis
2.0 to go clean into a stock bpl17.
(also check the archives for any problems that already came up due to
the conversions)

"Lewis, Jason" wrote:
> I have made this work with cygwin on a windows enviroment. Just do a compile
> and look at any errors, look to the place the error points and make the
> nescessary changes.
> This is not real difficult (ask me I have just started coding) I had to
> remove a function in the code that will turn players away at a certain
> number of connections but that is all I really had to do.
> Jason Lewis
> -----Original Message-----
> i am wondering is there anyone who runs a circle30bpl17 mud
>  and have installed OasisOLC2.0 which runs okay...if
>  did you guys managed to install the olc...i need help in installing and
> getting to work...thanks
> nizal...
> ---
> On Mon, 9 Oct 2000 08:42:13    Lewis, Jason wrote:
> >I have downloaded this .c file and tried to install it on both a stock
> >circle30bpl17 and one that has color, races and Oasis added,
> >
> >I cannot make this thing work, anyone out there have any clue what needs to
> >be added to comm.c and structs.h to make this work?
> >
> >If you added this code or if fafhrad(sp) belongs to the list help please.
> >
> >Jason Lewis

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