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Date: 10/11/00

Class.c has the constants for the who stuff.  They are the constants
class_abbrevs[] and pc_class_types[].  Your question asked for the location
of where the wholist is generated which is in act.informative.c, function
do_who().  You should make sure to use Find in windows or grep in *nix to
look for occurrences of variables that you are about to change, so that you
can predict the full effect of what you are doing.  In this case, changing
class_abbrevs[] will affect act.informative.c, act.other.c and act.wizard.c.
You'll have to visit those files and see what needs to be changed to
accommodate your new classes.

Good luck,

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> My comrade coders and I have taken on the wonderful task of implemented
> classes and races w/o the help of the provided documentation on the circle
> homepage.  We've gotten to a point where everything works except for the
> displaying of a player's respective class on the wholist.
> for instance-
> [1
>     ] Naeis the Pilferer
> a carriage return is displayed... i think.. and well, the new class just
> isn't displayed.  Titles work, skills do...  If somone could be so kind as
> to point me to the file and perhaps the lines where the wholist is
> generated.
>      Much Thanks-
>             Naeis of DaneuranMUD
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