PK death List

From: Brian Juba (
Date: 10/12/00

im trying to create a "deaths' command so that when u type it, it
displays a list of the last 30 pks showing who died and by whom which
is viewable by all players. in fight.c before die(victim) i
created the following code:

if (!IS_NPC(victim)){
     GET_PK_CNT(ch) += 1;
     DLIST(ch) += DLIST(ch) + "%s killed by %s/r/n",

this line dosent compile but i was trying to make it add the next death to
itself.  Also in the command in i am not sure how
to make it display the list was thinking maype
sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "%s\r\n", Dlist(ch));
and need help on how to set a buf to only 30 lines or so.

Thanks for any help

Brian Juba
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