Game hangs after installing ASCII PFiles (kinda long)

From: Donald P. Taylor (
Date: 10/14/00

I am fairly new to coding and self taught so I will give as much info as
possible that lead up to this problem. I did a lot of looking into it. I
spent over an hour looking through several hundred archived messages.

I am running Circle 3.0 bpl 17 with assemblies, Daniel's who and prompt
patch, races, and a smattering of customized code. Running this on a Red
Hat box. As far as I can tell, all of the bugs were worked out before I
started on the ASCII conversion. I used the ascii_pfiles-2.0bfixed patch
from the snippets site. Due to the fact that there had been considerable
changes to the code there were 3 .rej files after applying the patch. I
cleaned those up and added in the changes to the player file that I made.
I was getting an error about sprintbits being defined was in
db.c and the other was in  dg_olc.c. Not knowing what to do with them
since they took different data I just made them static. The mud compiled I
logged on and the pfile was created ok. Logged off, logged on and walked
around. Did a who and POOF game hangs. I played around and it hangs on
who, score, inventory. I was nearly bald from nature and now I am just
about completely bald. Could someone give me an idea of what kind of
things I should be looking for? I don't want cut and paste answers, I need
to know WHY it doesn't work right. Thanks in advance for your help.

Don Taylor

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