Zlib compression patch [Longish]

From: Todd A Laycock (tlayco1@uic.edu)
Date: 10/15/00

Hello all,

I've got a slight problem here, and I'm not exactly sure what the devil it
is.  Every so often when a player connects (sometimes more often than not
for a few players), they get a 'U' prepended to their name.

The base is circle30bpl17, I had added oasis 2.0, dg_scripts 7a, the zlib
compression patch, and copyover when this first started showing up.

Now I checked through the code after applying the zlib patch, and I see
section that follows:

       * Search for an "Interpret As Command" marker. Note that we still
       * have an ostrich attitude to all other IAC markers.  At least now
       * they won't show up in the users' input streams. -gg 2/28/99
      if (*(unsigned char *)ptr == IAC) {
#if defined(HAVE_ZLIB)
        if (!strcmp(ptr, do_sig))

         * Convert the IAC string so that it is filtered out. This
         * should, in theory, leave the 'U' from the compression
         * handshake but in my testing it didn't show up... -gg 3/21/99
        while (*ptr < 0)
          *ptr++ = '\0';

      /* If this was everything, pretend we had nothing. */
      if (ISNEWL(*ptr))
        *ptr++ = '\0';
      } else if (ISNEWL(*ptr))
        nl_pos = ptr;

Now the question I have is, can and how do I get rid of that 'U' so that
it doesn't interfere with people logging on?

Thanks for any help,
Todd A Laycock

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