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Date: 10/18/00

   Actually, i have my mud up and running, and have all the coding i wanted
done. in fact, i manage to make alot of addons and changes to OLC, and have
made building very easy for my builders. im building my own zones of the
mud, and practically sit back and watch everyone else. My head builders help
the other builders, also i have a mud council which consist of beta test
chars, some mud admins like the head builders, another implementor, and also
myself.. but thanks for the offer. If you should need anything answered,
lemme know :)
Blessed Be, Drakona...

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> Hi, noticed your email on circle list.
> Exactly what are your strong point when its not coding?
> If interested in building perhaps ya want to help our
> mud out...
> We already have everything you said you wanted to be
> done at your mud. Intro system, racewar, spell mem/pray,
> character approval, short/l-descs, tons of
> spells/skills. And much much more.
> We are in need of builders.
> /Zeudes
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