Re: Aliases / Equipment

From: Caniffe (
Date: 10/24/00


IMHO, I actually believe that the retaining of aliases is a good
feature.  It allows players to add aliases, and should they need to delete
and startover, they can without needing to write down all the
aliases.  Problems arise of course when you have many aliases, and delete
after a while (I had a character once who had many aliases, with
directions to zones and stuff...deleted the character...recreated it about
8 months later and all the aliases were still there, even after having
been used by another counterpart ;)).

I'm not sure stock CircleMUD keeps original eq, though?  If you just dump
/etc/players I know this happens, but I thought free_char() dumps the
object file upon a successful deletion?

Julian "Caniffe" Buckley

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