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From: Alex Mann (
Date: 10/25/00


I started to build a mud in january 2000, and I have managed to build a mud
with a original area base, a good system of playing, skills, classes, races,
and the whole mud is very newbie friendly with large areas including cities
which are really just newbie zones. But with some much harder areas for
better players. the trouble is I have just started a new job as a web
developer for a big company and really just don't have the time to run and
code Naryan World. I am looking for a manager for the game, someone to run
things for me, such as hiring additional staff , organising the current
staff (2 Builders, 1 PR, And 2 Offline Non IMP builder), and general running
of the game, such as checking bug/typo/and idea files and getting things
sorted. Basically all the stuff I used to do.
  The sort of person that I am looking for should have a fair amount of time
to spend in Naryan, a good knowledge of circle muds, coding and building
experience would be useful. A good personality and ability to organise
people is essential.
   If you think you have what It takes then let me know.

Alex Mann
(High Lord Naryan World)

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