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From: russ brown (
Date: 10/28/00

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From: Josh Smith <>

>Well the problem is the MUd I'm working on doesn't have the "Create Food"
>spell, and create water doesn't really help me much, if you think you could
>give me just a little piece of the code to work with? I'd be appreciative.

What codebase and version are you working with? Stock Circlemud 3.0,
has 'create food' as a predefined spell.  In any case look in magic.c for
the function mag_creations.  All you should have to do is add a new case
to the switch statement which defines the vnum of the object to add. Other
than that add a spello call in spell_parser.c that defines the new spell
as calling MAG_CREATIONS and all the other steps needed to define a
new spell.

Russ Brown

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