Re: Error in save(ASCII Pfiles?)

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 10/31/00

I did something very similar myself a few days ago.
Using ASCII pfiles, I added a char to the player
structs in structs.h. Being new to coding, I am having
problems discerning the differences between 'char *me'
and 'char me' (not the exact code:P), it turns out, I
had a 'char me' where I should have had a 'char *me'.
When I tried to make a new character, the game had a
great fall, and all the King's horses... well, anyway,
your particular problem _could_ be your poofsaves. If
you added poofsaves before you added ASCII pfiles, be
sure to go back through and put all the poofx stuff
back the way it was in stock circle.


p.s. Anyone that could help me figure out pointers and
integers out there in MUDland? (:-P)

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