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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 06/25/01

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>If I have a container with say a 250 weight and I wear it, my carried
>weight goes to 0 or to whatever else I'm holding.  This to me, seems
>like it should be a bug.

Perhaps a bug, perhaps not.  If you think of the weight as serving the dual
purpose of describing how much an object weighs and what its encumbrance is
when carried, it might make more sense.  I can carry a lot less stuff if I
also have to carry my clothing in my arms, but the clothing hardly slows me
down if I'm wearing it.  The same goes for carrying a backpack.

Still, I'm not saying that you're entirely wrong in your point-of-view.  After
all, there's a big difference between jeans and a t-shirt and a suit of
plate-mail armor.  The wonderful thing about the Diku codebase is that if you
don't like it, you're free to change the behavior in any way you like.  On my
MUD, I've made a number of changes over issues like this.  Enjoy it.


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