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From: Da' Kool Cat (
Date: 11/07/01

At 09:30 PM 11/7/01 +1100, you wrote:
>My reasons for having it were for the admin meetings and for online logging
>so we can have timestamped logs (kind of like you do in mIRC) - Pulling it
>from another persons machine isnt really nessassary though, it was just a
>point of interest for me personally..
>The amount of detail i would want is just hour:minute - people dont usually
>record the seconds for meetings :P

  I had the same idea, and was gonna get around to doing it eventually :)
How I'd do it, is look at how mudlog parses the time, do some
copy/paste/integration work and add a PRF flag...simple.
One could extend on the idea if they have custom prompts (where you tell
the mud what you want displayed, and how) simple put in a variable for
minutes, seconds, etc. for both mud time and the server's machine time.


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