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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 11/09/01

On Thu, 8 Nov 2001, George Greer wrote:

> Then everybody wanders around with the equivalent of:
>   alias say ": says, '$*'"

...catch EMOTEs and other actions, too...

> Hm, "snoop room" sounds like an interesting command.  Makes me want to
> give each room an output queue, where everything in that room then
> gets the output instead of just being per thing inside.  sigh

Letting the room provide arbitrary transformations to text output through
it might be interesting, especially if you distinguish between different
types of sensory output.  A room might catch sound messages and alter them
in some way.  Probably textual transformation will be far too difficult to
deal with in this case.  A message catalogue with text mapped to the
various transformations would be easy to deal with and powerful, so that
if you're in a closet:

  > shout Hello?
  You shout 'Hello?'

but in a cave

  > shout Hello?
  You shout 'Hello?'.  Your voice echoes back.

I'm not sure if such a general mechanism is useful.  Special procedures
can do these things and are much simpler to deal with.


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