Re: Problem Compiling in Load_char()

From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 11/10/01


> - if(!strcmp(tag, "Name"))
> -   GET_NAME(ch) = str_dup(line); //this is error line

   This seems to be a slight problem with VisualC++, perhaps other
   compilers in windows, didn't bother to check it with them, but it
   wouldn't be the first time things that work in gcc doesn't work in
   proper compilers. :o)

   Anyway, a quick work-around would be to do the bit longer:
   if (!strcmp(tag, "Name"))
     if (IS_NPC(ch))
       ch->player.short_descr = str_dup(line);
       ch-> = str_dup(line);

   Not as pretty, not as efficient, but it works.  Now, if you rather
   want to figure out why it reports short_descr or name to not be
   l-values I guess you could run cl.exe with the preprocessor flag
   and look up the line... I was too lazy to do that.

Yours truly,
 Henrik Stuart (

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