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From: dapiner (dapiner@yahoo.com)
Date: 11/19/01

I was say 1000 levels so yall would understand.. I'm only haveing 100
but if you must know in Dragonball Z there is something called power
level... and it goes towards the trillions.... I used 1000 levels so
that yall could somewhat understand it.... but if you must know.... and
yes I have an excellant knowledge of basic C but I have had no use for
anything above an int/long. lol.. and the Events I didn't like the way
it was done.. I needed some quick and cheap cause I wouldn't want to
write an event for each skill or do a rewrite of the intire skill system
to do like cast...... but .... if you think that I am that _dumb_ i
guess I am =/

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