From: dapiner (
Date: 11/20/01

Alot of mud decided to do this... this is what I can help with.

> Do I need to just change the formulas for wis_apply_types wis_app.. in
> constant.c? Or is there some magical way of going about this that I cannot
> see, I've looked through fight.c which was posted in a previous email,
> saying that most the stats showed up there. That was wrong.

I belive alot of the stats affecting combat (str, hitr, damr, etc.) are
located there.
In magic.c is where int/wis/saveing throw etc. are done.

> 1. Change the formulas in constant.c for all the stats, EG: {1, 1, 1} all
> the way to 100, will this be a conflict considering that some start with
> negative values?

don't know... but you will have to change some values from a s_byte to a
int so that they don't go negetive after so many values

> 2. Scower the code for places that restrict PC stats higher then 18 and
> change it to 100.

Yep, but I belive they are 25 is where they are restricted.

> This is all I can figure to do, then redo roll_real_abilities to roll say
> something with 100 that fair like, 13d6*4 this is just a number, not
> actually what I intend to use.

Yes... also consider every place where stats are called.  You don't want
players gaing
10000 max hit points or you don't want them getting 1000 extra damage.  Make
class.c where it rolls the player to make sure they have the proper amount
of points.
As I will tell any mud is that balence is the key to any and everything.
Without balence
players are to weak or to strong.  I'd grep on the stats you are changeing
to 100 to see
where they are called at, see if any adjusting needs to be don there.  I'd
make sure where
a player levels that the points are distrubted equally.  If you don't adjust
this say a person
with maxed out con will get 1000 + hit points and a person with 100 str will
everything out there unless the fight.c is edited where str is added to the
amount of damage.
Best thing to do in my thoughts would be to grep the stats and look there to
see what is change.


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