Re: server question

From: Cyberlord (
Date: 11/24/01

> I'm new to this, and i'm trying to put up a new MUD and get attention.
> First, I need a server to run it while i'm debugging and when I finally
> release it.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Well, since the code compiles and runs on just about any platform these
days, pick one you are comfortable with.

Ultimately though, when you go to run the mud publicly, a *NIX system will
probably do you best. I run the test mud on FreeBSD but debug in MS
Developer Studio on Windows since I like the visual debugger. It (actually
MIX Power C Debugger) helped me to learn C a long time ago, and Dev Studio
is helping me understand the Circle code today.

So it boils down to your preferance really.


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