Re: I3

From: John C. A. Bambenek (
Date: 11/25/01

From:    George Greer <>

>On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, John C. A. Bambenek wrote:

>>I3 is version 3 of the intermud (imc) gossip code.

>It has instructions for installation in the 'i3circle.txt' file.  You'll
>have to think about the player file parts if you have the binary player
>files of stock code but that's all I see that needs any sort of
>interpretation. You should really use the ASCII player files anyway.

Ok, let me try once again.  I know where the code is, I know what it is, I
know where the installation instructions are.  Has anyone put it in?
Namely, my problem is compile-time parse errors that I have been unable to

So if you HAVE successfully ported it, can I get your copies of the
i3cfg.h, i3.c, and i3.h files so I can compile those files cleanly in my

Obnoxious comments about how I should find the parse errors myself need
not respond.  It's a matter of control characters I can't see in a crappy
download, not a missing semicolon.


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