Re: I3

From: Alex (
Date: 11/26/01

> Unfortunately, the person responsible for the I3 code spent more time
> lamenting the differences between what he was familiar with and CircleMUD
> than he did noting how things like modularity and clean include files are
> a boon to writing maintainable code.  (In fact, he complains _about_
> modularity and clean include files.)  As a result, this code ends up being
> black-box stuff that you won't ever really want to look at.
and the best part is that they wanted us to include hooks for their code
in our stock releases.  i couldn't see a nice modular way to deal with it
so they don't get it in the stock releases.

admittedly, i was tempted to rewrite their code to suit it, but i was
informed that this would not be welcomed.  *Grin*


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