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Date: 11/26/01

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> >Having to call line_input and have it call a different function every
> >I
> >need input from a user will be extreme for the menu system I will >have.
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> ...Anyway, if anyone can think of anything that
> might help the line_input system, please let me know.

Since the line_input system was based on some Mailer code of mine, I thought
I'd take a look and see how the concept might hold up to a menu system.  I
hacked one out over the weekend and it's pretty compact.  It is probably
slightly easier to understand than the Oasis OLC code, if only because my
system does not require custom hooks in nanny() or in modify.c.  You add the
hooks once, and then use them for all subsequent menus.  Other than that,
the performance and complexity is probably about the same.

It uses function pointers instead of "big switch" constructs, and a bunch of
macros that I defined to keep the code fairly neat.  I still need to put
together detailed documentation of how to use it...all I have so far is a
reasonable example that I used for testing.  It will probably be a week or
two before I get it all together and uploaded to the ftp site, so I thought
I'd post here and see if anyone is interested in an advanced copy, and
perhaps providing me with some feedback.  If so, email me directly and I'll
send you what I have so far.


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