[OT ??] New mud community needing a little help getting started.

From: Tom Whiting (twhiting@mchsi.com)
Date: 03/22/02


First off, my apologies on posting this to multiple places, for the lurkers out

That said, on with the post:

I'm working on creating a mud community, something featuring a listing of both
muds (and hosts), and need a little help from those involved in the mud
community in general.

First, about the project:
Rather than being just a mud list, or even better being rather spread out,
involved in everything (not that there's anything wrong with those two, mind
you), the idea I've got for a community is as follows:

A place where people can come, browse F.A.Q's, chat, look for muds, post on
various boards, look for hosts, ask questions, and get answers, all in one.
A place that allows the mu* owner the flexibility of rejecting or accepting
feedback, depending upon his/her game (within limitations, of course), or to
comment privately to that person about that feedback, to work issues out.
A place offering an ICQ-like environment where people can gather, discuss
things among friends, and have fun.

Now, a little about the help that I'm looking for:
What I'm needing is more FAQ related than anything. From starting muds to
individual codebases, I'd like to have at least one person familliar with these
areas working on different F.A.Q. for them. No programming is necessary, as
everything is already hard coded into the system thru SQL and php. All that's
needed is a little bit of knowledge and a desire to help the mud community as
it were.

Sound interesting? Like something that you might be interested in helping out
with? Drop me an email, and I'll respond as quickly as I possibly can.


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