Re: Bug with OLC 2.0.1

From: Bill Pascoe (
Date: 11/04/02

/Hey guys,
/I downloaded Circlemud bpl21 - Oasis OLC 2.0.1
/Now, I tried to type zedit new (any #)
/And I got this: Unknown command, perhaps 'new zone lower-room-number
/Now I looked over a lot of the code in the shell but I cant find any errors
/happening that would lead to this...Any suggestions?
 /               - Andy

The Format to make a new zone is zedit new <zone number> <bottom room number> <top room number>.
the olc guide in the code wasnt changed. Its in the zedit.c file if you still want to look at it.

It is done this way because zones can contain more than 100 rooms now.

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