[CODE][128 bit] conversion program

From: tap3w0rm (tap3_w0rm@attbi.com)
Date: 11/06/02

ok so i am going to make a conversion program because none seam to exist
that actualy work ... so here is what i need.

here is all of our good old friend puff ...
Puff dragon fractal~
Puff the Fractal Dragon is here, contemplating a higher reality.
Is that some type of differntial curve involving some strange, and
unknown calculus that she seems to be made out of?
anopqr 0 0 0 dkp 0 0 0 1000 E
26 1 -1 5d10+550 4d6+3
10000 155000
8 8 2
BareHandAttack: 12

ok what changes need to be made to make him to the 128 bit spec ...
could somoene change him and re paste him to this list so i can see
what my program is supost to do so i can make a c compileable
conversion program and upload it to the site so people
can actialy go with the patch correctly

thanks in advance
-Brandon Allen

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