Re: Multiclassing, advance command...

From: peter dahlgren (
Date: 11/17/02

>This is a pretty simple problem I think, basicly it depends on the way you
>want it to be. Don't ask us to do things for you, but think logical. You
>could make the format "advance player" for example. Look at other
>functions in circlemud, and you'll figure you won't have to change much.
>This list is here to solve problems, not to do the work for you.

Alright, i'm sorry, i didn't want it to sound like making you do all the work for me, i just wanted some opinions for a smart way to solve my problem... but i think i'll manage, it's not too hard of a task...
by the way, i have one question... one that i have watched through the code to solve by myself, but quite unable to do so... i've made an ACMD() function that brings up a menu for the player to choose between new classes... what i can't manage to do is the prompt thing, you know GET_STATE(ch) or what it's called... i don't want 100H 100M 100V>
instead i want...  Choice>  to be shown when typing in the choices, and how do i make it recognize the digits defined as choices? that is about it... Thanx

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