Re: Circle 4.x wish list

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 11/22/02

>> >4. Add Oasis/Dg Scripting.
>> Oasis: Nay.
>> DG Scripts: Undecided.
>> Embedding Perl/Python/etc.: Aye.
>Oasis is nice, but I don't like dg scripts that much, and don't
>think they ought to be included.

Apparently OLC has been planned from the beginng, so why not Oasis?
It's pretty much done and well featured, so why reinvent the wheel?
Of course, if olc isn't planned, then all references may as well be
removed so people don't keep bugging the developers about it ;)

>I'd much rather see an embedded script interpreter for
>a language such as ECMAscript/javascript, or even
>(eww) perl or java.

This is exactly why embedded script interpreter should NOT be in
there - you don't like perl but would like javascript, I HATE
javascript (and VBScript, and indeed any "script" language), but
love perl.

>Actually, I think it'd be really neat to have something of
>an embedded lisp interpreter to handle special procedures
>(or perhaps "pluggable interpreters" so implementors could
> choose to embed whatever script interpreter or none if
> they so choose):
>A key point being to use a full-featured programming language and
>not an ad-hoc language like dgscript

Feh, at that point just stick to the spec_proc stuff.  The point
is to create something easy for non-coder world builders to use.

Personally, most scripting languages I've seen are not a whole lot
easier to use then some full programming languages, so I've never
really cared much for scripting.

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