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From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 11/23/02

From: "Daniel A. Koepke"
> On Sat, 23 Nov 2002, Thomas Arp wrote:
> > lisp (gcl2.4.3) is roughly 12MB, perl 5.8.0 takes up a stunning 48MB and
> > python 2.2.2 is 29MB.
> The standard libraries for these languages are quite expansive; especially
> for Common Lisp.  In the case of Lisp, there are many quite small
> implementations around -- including a simple interpreter implemented in
> JavaScript and weighing in at 13K.  For Python and Perl, many UNIX and
> most Linux systems feature one or both out of the box, so the issue is
> moot on those systems.
I was thinking more about the people who are using cygwin (like myself)
or 'native' windows compilers like vc++ and borland. We have to maintain
our own collection of interpreters etc. [1]
> > The corresponding number for dg scripts is 790KB, and with that it
> > already has ten times the funtionality of the lua package currently
> > available.
> How are you defining functionality?

I was referring not so much to the lua language itself, but to the
available implementation on the ftp site. The lua implemented triggers
have the following types:
(quote from readme)
   1   TIME   The script is called every ten second.
   2   ENTER  Call the script when a character enters the room the object
              is lying in.  It will not be triggered if the object is in
              a characters inventory or when it is equiped.
   3   LEAVE  Call the script when a character leaves the room the object
              is lying in.  It will not be triggered if the object is in
              a characters inventory or when it is equiped.
(end of quote)

This is of course could be expanded, since the lua interpreter
would quite easily be able to handle the same trigger types as
dg scripts does. What I meant was that if implementing lua triggers,
you'd have to add your own funtionality, if you want the same
options available[1].


[1] On my pc I've got perl, as well as python, so it's not really
    that big a deal to me.

[2] I'm not posting this to brag, or to point fingers. There are
    drawbacks as well as advantages to using dg scripts, just as
    there are to using lua triggers, embedded perl or python.
    Among dg scripts' drawbacks are some lacking features you'd
    see in other programming languages, just as dak pointed out.
    When embedding lua, you must also patch your lua install
    - apparently to make the print statement print to the mud.
    This means you can't have a 'stock' lua install, and must make
    sure the running version is the one you want. The current
    version on the ftp site is lua-2.5, two major versions old,
    with what this means of bugs etc. . Eventually, you'd have
    another project to spend time on :)

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