Re: A '$' bug

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/07/03

On Thu, 8 May 2003, [Windows-1251] Хедин Познавший Тьму wrote:

> Здравствуйте, Circle!
> ---------
> My MUD was experiencing difficulties with two things: sometimes all
> commands for several seconds was NOT recognized ("Unknown command")
> and names on the login screen also wasn't ("Bad name, try another: ").
> I logged everything and saw that in that case MUD inserts a '$' into
> input line, usually as 4 symbol. And it lasts till reboot. Why can it be?
        Now, I'm not going to claim that I know why it would do that, but
I'm going to guess that it _could_ be due to the use of special
characters, though I've never personally tried to run Circle using
Cyrillic character sets, it may cause a problem.  Generally speaking, try
to stick to the ASCII characters below 128.

        All the same, as I understand it, there shouldn't be a problem if
you're just using the character set itself. However, since CircleMUD
doesn't contain a full featured telnet client, I can't vouchsafe that.

        Now, if you're using a client that performs it's own character map
translations (perhaps in Unicode?) it could easily fail.  Circle expects a
stream of bytes, and evaluates each byte sent individually.  Multiple
bytes may be strung together, and your client may properly interpret that,
but that doesn't mean circlemud will.  If you send IAC packets or other
odd data (randomly, more or less), who knows how it will react.

        I haven't got alot of experience writing text-based multilingual
networked apps, so these are all just guesses.  Try using the standard
ascii character set only, and see if these problems go away.


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