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From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 05/10/03

On 03-05-10 20.46, "Phillip Ames" <> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I need some input from those die-hard Linux users out there.  All the
> development work I've ever done on Circle has been in MSVC++, where I would
> write my code, test it, compile it, and then dump it onto a Linux machine
> for "production" purposes.  I'm trying to change that, though.  I'd like to
> stick exclusively to one platform so I don't have to worry about
> accidentally overwriting my sysdep.h file with the Windows version, etc.
> However I am wont to give up my preferred interface because I have "instant
> access" to all the files just by double clicking on them.  I pondered
> setting up a Samba share, using MSVC++ to edit the files and then have an
> open terminal window to compile but I think that VC will append ^M's to all
> my files and I'm not looking forward to running a dos2unix script on them
> all.  Is there any particular editing "suite" that anyone can recommend that
> will allow me to deal with all the Circle files at once?  Thanks, and sorry
> for the off-topicness of this post.

Is the machine where you have your MUD reachable from the outside?  Then you
probably should not run Samba or any other such servers on the machine.  The
absolutely easiest way to edit files on another server is to simply FTP
them, and if you are using Windows, the best editor would be EditPlus
( and then you SSH in to the server and compile
through the shell.  My recommendation is SecureCRT, which is the best client
out there, although it might be on the expensive side, so you could probably
make do with Putty or any other client you might prefer.

EditPlus might not have cross-lookups and such, but you'll get the files in
a list on the side (it saves directly through FTP when you hit save), and it
has syntax highlighting and a decent regex engine for search/replace work
(although the regex is a bit basic for my taste).

Warm Regards,

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