Re: [SNIPPET] Sea Warfare, the beginning

From: the shadow (
Date: 05/18/03

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On Sunday, May 18, 2003, at 01:13 PM, Bill Pascoe wrote:

> I've created a basic snippet of a piece of code i've been creating.
> Its my
> own "vehicles". They are ships that sail on the ocean though, it fits
> in
> with my theme. Its way different then the spec_procs vehicles, and alot
> better I think. I just wanted some comments, suggestions, testers for
> it.
> I've posted the current version of it on my webspace, anyone is free to
> download it and use it, comment on it, do whatever with it as long as
> ya
> give me credit.
> To me its a work of art, to others its prolly a messy piece of code or
> something. But hey, at least im willing to share. :)
> Tristan Haynes (
> Raziel Elerien ( 2671)

I looked it over, and it looks very well thought out and written. thank
you for sharing!
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