Re: [OasisOLC] Oasis OLC 2.0.1 Bounds Checking in {x}list commands

From: Carlton Colter (carlton@COLTER.COM)
Date: 05/26/03

I would change the SLIST check to:
case SCMD_SLIST:   perform_slist(ch, real_zone(first)); break;

And perhaps add a check to see if it is doing a lookup by displaying just
the zone, and fix the out of range issue by doing a check:

  if ((atoi(buf2) == 0) && (last > max))
    last = max;

This makes it where it only overides when it knew it was too high.

Or you could even do a

  if (atoi(buf2) == 0)
    last = MIN(last, max);

I think that would be better, because some of my zones have more than 100

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