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From: Christian Ejlertsen (
Date: 05/27/03

> > lost of some of its workings... does that include if the player has
> > object?   Also, why is it this information is stored so repeditively
> > the zone file when it could be stored on the mobile or object
> > Then if you wanted to increase the max number of mobs tcehat are
> in
> > the game... you could just increase it on the mob.  Sure... still
> it
> > into the room with zedit... but set the max number of the mob in the
> game
> > with medit so you only have to change it one place?
> Initially, the zone starts with about 4 of those mobs and over
> time the mobs rebuild to totalling 12:

That part would be no different with the max set on objects and mobiles.
Since you would still load the mob in 4 different places, and is the
mob_max was set to 12 it would load 4 more next zone repop.

What would be more interesting is a system that saved of the number of a
certain item actually loaded, both in game and in rent. That way a true
maximum of the item could be achieved. I wonder if anyone has created
such a system and would be willing to share a little info about how they
went about that.

Also a room maximum for mobiles would be a good thing to have due to the
fact that when you for instance have your classic 4 gate town north east
west south, and want 2 guard at each you could basicly set a room
maximum of 2 and a max of 8. Problem with current system is that if you
don't place the load maxxes just right in the right rooms, you will end
up having no guards at the south gate and 4 at the north gate.

Anyways it's just some ideas I been thinking about and would love some
input on this matter for and against.

Best Regards

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