The CircleMUD World

The CircleMUD world contains a large number of areas that have been (for the most part) widely available in the DikuMud community. Some areas were specifically written for and donated to the CircleMUD project. A complete listing of areas found within CircleMUD (and their authors) can be found on this webpage.

Zone # Name Author
0 Limbo DikuMud
9 River Island Of Minos Mahatma of HexOynx
12 God Simplex CircleMUD, modified by Taz of Tazmania
15 The Straight Path Steppin of ChicagoMUD
25 The High Tower Of Magic Skylar of SillyMUD*
30 Midgaard DikuMud
33 The Three Of Swords C.A.W.
35 Miden'Nir Copper II, modified by VampLestat of MercMUD*
36 The Chessboard Exxon of SillyMUD
40 Mount Moria Redferne of DikuMud*
50 The Great Eastern Desert Rorschach
51 The Drow City Rorschach
52 The City Of Thalos Rorschach
53 The Great Pyramid Andersen of HexOynx*
54 New Thalos Duke Of SillyMUD*
60 The Haon-Dor Forest Quifael of DikuMud, modified by Derkhil of CircleMUD
62 The Orc Enclave C.A.W.
63 Arachnos Mahatma of HexOynx
64 Rand's Tower C.A.W.
65 The Dwarven Kingdom Depeche of DikuMud
70 The Sewers Redferne of DikuMud
79 Redferne's Residence Redferne of DikuMud, modified by Cyron of VieMud
120 Rome Onivel of JediMUD
150 King Welmar's Castle Pjotr and Sapowox of CircleMUD*
186 Newbie Zone Maynard of StrangeMUD

All those marked with * have been heavily modified by Furry of VieMud. C.A.W. stands for the Curious Areas Workshop.

Note: For all mud administrators out there, it is not just polite, but a real requirement to properly credit all of the areas that you use in your game. This should be done in the zone files themselves, and it should also be made readily available to the public. CircleMUD comes with a help entry (help areas or help zones) that lists all zones in CircleMUD and their authors.

Area Maps

Some graphical maps have been kindly donated to the CircleMUD project. These can be seen below:

All submissions welcome for similar graphical maps of the CircleMUD world.

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Last updated: 1 February 2001