I'm not sure actually....

From: Stephen M. Mulcahy (9224076@ul.ie)
Date: 01/25/94


We're using CircleMUD 2.2 .... actually this was our first step into the big bad world of MUDding,
we haven't had all that much of a chance to move access MUD's outside of our local sub-net, 
so excuse me if some of my questions seem stupid, ok? At the moment, we have a lot of new objects
created which I wouldn't mind sharing with anyone that's interested..... some of them may be a little
dodgy but you're more than welcome. We are also working on developing new worlds but haven't made 
a great deal of progress there yet. 

I'm interested in anything which will allow us to expand/improve our circlemud, a few things which I'd like to
bounce off you guys are,

        1-      Is it difficult to add new class options? A samurai, etc. ?   Does anybody have code to do this
        2-      What about creating   extra Inn's which  would allow players to buy the deeds to them and make
                        a profit from anyvbody renting there......?

Just a few queries to say hello....


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