Re: I'm not sure actually....

From: Vivian Stewart (
Date: 01/25/94

>         1-      Is it difficult to add new class options? A samurai, etc. ?   Does anybody have code to do this

i imagine, if this is difficult (though if v3 clears it up . . .) using a skill
based system would be much harder .  . .?

>         2-      What about creating   extra Inn's which  would allow players to buy the deeds to them and make
>                         a profit from anyvbody renting there......?

i like this idea . . .why stop at inns?

further on the idea of making your mud different - what are the possibilities
of giving special properties to mobs, a la a knight who has been cursed to
guard a bridge untill the purest knight in the land defeats him in combat  
(eg, someone with 1000 align . ..) ? seems to me this is an area where it is
really possible for a mud to seperate itself from the crowd . . .

now this may be possible currently - my c skills are fairly limited, and i cant
really tell from scanning the code . . .

anyway, first question, sure it wont be the last :)


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