Re: groups (fwd)

From: darren rion hall (rion@WPI.EDU)
Date: 01/25/94

/==/ and thus Action  writes:

cjackson> Our mud set this up differently.  Experience is doled out for each
cjackson> hit (or miss) in battle, and extra for the death blow.  I found this
cjackson> system works better to stop the people who just ride along and don't
cjackson> even assist, but still get exp from a battle.

	which is good... since a low level character who goes against a 30th
level mobile will not be able to hit the mobile... thus very little exp (you
get some when you watch... but not much). it's a decent system... and seems to
work for the most part in the past.

                                          -darren rion hall-

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