Quests and Godhood....

From: Stephen M. Mulcahy (
Date: 01/25/94

This is not a technical question... what I'm going to ask about is in part at least, a matter of opinion, but I would like
your input on it. As regards quests, as I explained earlier, I haven't had much experience.... could anyone offer some idea's 
for how a successful quest should be setup/managed/concluded, we have run a few of the get an certain object and we'll
give you  X gold coins in various guises, but i feel there should be more....... anybody?

On a related note, what about the role which Imp.'s and Gods in general should play in relation to mortals. If a mortal 
dies in a death-trap or whatever and loses the Battle-Axe which he was saving for a week to buy, should he be
offered some sort of compensation if he specifically seeks it? Bear in Mind, that in my situation, there are a limited number of 
players on the subnet and rules that are too harsh could possibly jeopardise the MUD.

- Divil, SkyMUD Imp. 3000 ( NO ACCESS outside of the College sub-net at the moment!!)

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