Re: Addclass.doc

From: SPACE CADET (m974020@anderson.NADN.NAVY.MIL)
Date: 01/29/94

Hi everyone.  I am trying to add a .mob and .zon file to my system, 
having already successfully added a .wld file.  Something is keeping me 
from logging in to the mud with the new files attached....... is there 
something other than the index files that I must change to tell the mud 
that something new is there.  If not, is there a bug that anyone knows 
about that will keep me from logging in?  It connects, tells me that the 
escape charater is "ctrl-]", and then freezes for about 15 seconds 
followed by being dropped down into unix with a "connection closed by 
foreign host" type error.  Any help would be appreciated..... I am 
already to the point of deciding that adding new worlds is not worth the 
trouble and sticking to modifying what is already there!!!!!!!

                           Thanks Muchly,
                                     Gabe McAtee

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